“my style is understated”

– Neil Barrett

They say stability is a sign of maturity… So they say

One of the great things about fashion is being able to transform yourself or express different vibes and feelings through different looks

However in my case, I’ve noticed that as time goes by I start to gravitate around the same kind of style in clothes: graphic, minimalist, precisely cut.

And that is probably why I’ve become a huge admirer of M. Neil Barrett’s work.


For those of you who might not be familiar with this British designer, here is a short recap of his story. (source: 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers, TASCHEN )

He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1986 and followed by obtaining a MA from the Royal College of Art in 1989. He was then approached by Gucci where he quickly became menswear designer. He then proposed to Prada to launch of menswear line for the brand . It wasn’t until 1998 that M. Barrett launched his first eponymous collection.

IMG_1383 IMG_1384

In order to describe his style, I want to share with you a clip where he explains his vision himself. The first time I saw this interview I thought : this is perfection, the way he described his style was like describing exactly what I like to see in clothes.

listen carefully from : 5’54 to 6’25

Let’s have a look at some pieces throughout seasons that represent his style:

Neil Barrett S/S 09

Neil Barrett S/S 09

Neil Barrett F/W 10

Neil Barrett F/W 10

Neil Barrett F/W 12

Neil Barrett F/W 12


Neil Barret F/W 12 Houndstooth Cropped Trousers worn here with a Burberry Brit Blazer and Vivienne Westwood Brogue Boots

Neil Barrett F/W 13 Modernist Sweatshirt

for me it’s a combination of the elements of fits fabric colour and design. When I’m putting something together it has to have all four elements – Neil Barrett

This quote perfectly goes along the last picture which leads me to put an emphasis on my favoritest collection of F/W 13. For this season , Neil Barrett’s worked with a strict color palette and amazing combinations of fabrics and shapes.

As soon as I watched the runway show on my iPad in January 2013 I knew that the Modernist Sweatshirts were instant icons. And the wait started..

Months later I was finally able to put my hands on these two amazing sweaters; one black white and grey, one red white and tobacco


IMG_9080 IMG_9091 IMG_9083 IMG_9088 IMG_9103

               Neil Barrett Modernist Sweater

The Kooples Camel Pants

Hugo Boss Boots

These sweaters couldn’t be closer to perfection to me. They provide such contemporary and modern allure, while being perfectly cut and shaped. The color blocking is so interesting and provides very interesting matching possiblities, for example with these camel trousers.

I would have bought the whole collection if I could.

Well later on I did get two more pieces : one more sweater, this time with another graphic motif and another fabric: mohair and wool.

IMG_0993 IMG_1014 IMG_1025Last but not least – I had to get one of the coats from this collection.

Once again, it is all about shape, volume, fabric and just overall  brillliant design.

This volume belted coat gives an amazing silhouette, you can play with the belt and wear it different ways.

Enough words

IMG_0558 IMG_0633 IMG_0667 IMG_0670I hope you enjoyed this Designer Focus article about Neil Barrett.

Stay tuned for more Designer Focus articles about other great designers, as well as soon another one about Neil Barrett’s upcoming collections (S/S 14, a continuation of the F/W 13 idea, and the F/W 14 collection which will soon be presented  in Milan)

Infashionably yours,


ps: here is the video of the F/W 13 runway show (I just love this collection so much)…

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