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Dear Readers,

One of the things I’ve enjoyed when styling looks this past year has been going with a monochromatic approach. I think basing an outfit on one main colour is a way of standing out, making a bold statement. It’s also fun and easy to mix mainstream stores pieces with one or two designer pieces. See how I played with these 3 colours this year: Burdundy, Electric Blue and Emerald Green.

IMG_2649 IMG_2670 IMG_2683 IMG_2722


H&M Burdgundy Suit

Hugo by Hugo Boss Light Grey Boots

Ray Ban Clubmaster

This color shall prevail next spring , here is an example by Dior Homme ss14

diorhommess14IMG_2519 IMG_2515 IMG_2530 IMG_2485 IMG_2477

H&M Electric Blue Suit

Raf Simons top

Hugo Boss Boots

Here by Calvin Klein ss14

calvinkleinss14IMG_9913 IMG_9938 IMG_9943 IMG_9905

H&M Wool Sweater and Trousers

Hugo by Hugo Boss jacket and belt

Valentino  Studded Loafers

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Let me know how you feel about monochromatic looks!

Infashionably yours,


3 thoughts on “M O N O C H R O M A T I C

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