IMG_7452Dear Readers,

As I’ve told you before having this blog, I’ve been posting my looks on Instagram for about a year. My most “successful” picture in terms of number of likes was one wearing this monochromatic electric blue look. So I thought I’d share this electric blue story on the blog.What I pick in my closet depends on three things:

1st: well, what has been to the laundry and has been put in order in my closet (hum.. order..yeah right)

2: how I’m feeling

3: how I WANT to be feeling

Indeed I’ve told you before how I beleive clothes have superpowers, can influence your mood and make you feel however you want to.

So that spring morning I woke up feeling really positive and ready to go for what I knew was going to be a busy working day. So when opening my closet I leaned towards this bright electric blue suit. I felt like this color could only attract positive energy and get me through the long day. To make it look more “business like” I went for a white shirt and added this nice slim Burberry Tie. But to keep it “my style” and not look too formal, I added the grey Hugo Boss boots, echoing the tie and making a nice contrast with the blue suit. I fnished the look off by accesorizing with my classis Hermès belt, and the futuristic looking Marc by Marc Jacobs shades, whose little turquoise detail on the side was perfect to match with the suit. In the end I think the look was a mix of different elements: business, trendy, edgy, “cool” .

I really enjoyed wearing this and hope you enjoy this style story.

Infashionably yours,


ps: I shot the pictures at the end of the day, which explains why I’m not smiling a lot and why the pants aren’t perfectly ironed.. hey I do my best ! Hope you enjoy

IMG_7487 IMG_7465 IMG_7463 IMG_7466 IMG_7442 IMG_7454 IMG_7412

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