myeyeonspringsummer14Dear Readers,

Since this is my first post in the “M Y E Y E O N” section of the blog I’d like to take a few seconds to explain the idea.

Regularly I will post pieces that I have my eye on , meaning that I want in my closet. They can be designer pieces but not only.

Of course I might not be able to get all of the pieces. Well theoretically speaking I could but then I’d have to starve and live on the street..you know.

For this first post I’ve selected pieces from the upcoming spring summer collections from Neil Barrett and Damir Doma as well as a new brand that I’ve just discoverd called Dent de Man

neilbsweaterI’m completely crazy about this Neil Barrett sweater from ss14. This is one of the pieces that I’m actually gonna get as I’ve already pre-ordered it from Antonioli.


Neil Barrett ss14

damirdoma damirdomaantonilio

These are two pieces by designer Damir Doma.

I think you can find similarities between the previous 4 pieces in termes of structure, graphic motifs, color palette. Which is probably why I like them.

Then I also have my eye on this jacket from Dent de Man:

SS14---DENT DE MAN---MJK04001GIt is availbe online on a site called L’Inde le Palais .

This brand is about precise tailoring, high quality fabrics and prints which are applied with a very specific technique. You can read more about it in the “about us” section of their website.

This suit is a perfect example and looks absolutely stunning. I bet it’s even more fantastic in reality.

I hope that I will be able to get most of these.. and that you enjoyed my selection

Infashionably yours,


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