IMG_7728Dear Readers,

In a series of “seasonal” articles, let’s get back to winter (which I hope ends soon) and one of the looks I created, under a certain designer’s influence..

Find out more below…

I remember the day I watched the video of the Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane menswear Fall Winter 13 runway show for the first time. I was upset. I (thought) I hated it. I didn’t regognize the idea I had of the house’s spirit, I was confused and could’nt see myself coveting any of the pieces that had been shown.

However as time went on, when creating outfits and shopping, I started noticing that I was leaning towards skinnier pants, leather pants, leather detailed blazers, long scarves, tartan shirts, knitwear.. Yes, all the elements of that “damn” show. And that is when I rewatched the video and started to appreciate and understand the collection and inspiration better.

And I think I’m definitely not the only one who got “Slimane’d” last season- you just had to look at any magazine or store like Zara/ H&M to see the huge influence of the genius designer.

The following look was my take of winter 13-14 biggest trends, under the influence of the “Saint Laurent” vibe.

I wanted to shoot the look in a “rough” environment, and when I came across this deserted construction site on a sunday afternoon, I thought it was the perfect location.


Sweater, faux-leather pants, tartan shirt : Zara

Shoes: Hugo Boss

Scarf: Valentino


Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
FW 13 Collection Finale

IMG_7691 IMG_7696 IMG_7714 IMG_7721 saint-laurent-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-pfw37 saint-laurent-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2013-pfw3

I hope you enjoyed this look and the inspiration behind it

Infashionably yours,



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