IMG_2823bisDear readers,

Welcome back with a brand new look on infasHionity.

For a while now it seems that fashion and designers have been inspired by sportswear and “streetwear”. The following look is a mix of elements of these influences as well as graphic minimalism, with what I call a futuristic touch.

When I found this graphic black & white sweater at H&M, I was very surprised. Pleasantly surprised that is. It of course reminded me of my beloved Neil Barrett FW13 sweater thanks to its boxy shape and play with colours.

I then discovered that it was part of a limited edition collection called “Go Gold”, in support of the Swedish Olympic team, hence the sportswear inspiration.

It was only right to pair this great sweater with other sportswear inspired items, and that’s how I put it together with this faux-leather and cotton sweatpants found at Zara. The look was completed with my pair of classic Adidas sneakers and Marc by Marc Jacobs shades which always add a futuristic edge to any look.

IMG_2792bis IMG_2839 IMG_2865 IMG_2895

IMG_2918 IMG_2951

This look reminded me of my “hip hop years”. Indeed, I used to practice and dance hip hop and I can definitely notice the influence in my styling from times to times. The background I found to shoot these pictures was perfect, as graffiti is one of the main four elements of the hip hop culture (together with MCing , DJing and dance ).

IMG_2957IMG_2972 IMG_2960Wearing this sweater is like wearing a futuristic armour, I felt like a superhero. And wanted to test my new powers

IMG_2988 IMG_2978 jumpI hope you enjoyed this look.

How do you feel about streetwear/sportswear influencing fashion? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Infashionably yours,




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