IMG_3119Dear Readers,

Weekends are often the occasion to go for casual looks. But somehow I don’t like my looks to be too casual. How do I solve this problem ?by adding a little sophistication. a denim shirt for example.

Denim has been, is and probably will always be in fashion, sometimes disappearing from the trends but always finding its way back.

I tend to like going for total looks, whether in terms of color or fabric.

This look is laid back and casual yet sophisticated enough thanks to the faux-jeans shirt (Zara) paired with my favorite Galliano jeans, and Hugo Boss boots.



Sunny day called for  fancy eyewear.To balance the casualness of the look , I picked my Marc by Marc Jacobs square frame shades.


I hope you enjoyed this look

how do you keep your casual looks interesting. ?

Comment and let me know

Infashionably yours,



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  1. I love this look. As you said, it’s casual, yet not too casual. To keep my looks looking interesting I sport stand-out accessories. For example, today I’m wearing a simple white long-sleeve, dark Nudie jeans but I’m pairing them with black studded loafers and statement jewelry (yellow gold/black watch & red Links of London Friendship bracelet).

    Great post! XxMB


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