IMG_3480Dear Readers

Welcome back with a new look on infasHionity, on a special day..

Today march 3rd I’m celebrating my 24th birthday!

Which was the perfect reason for me to go on a little shopping spree..

It’s actually a really bad excuse but I recently found a few new great pieces that you will discover in this post and the following ones.

The key element of this look is however not new. I’ve had this pair of Zara plaid trousers for a while and recently thought about wearing them again. They are a little bit more baggy than the kind of pants I’ve been wearing lately, therefore I wanted to create a comfy yet sophisticated look.

That’s where the latest addition to my closet steps in : this simple but perfectly cut Saint Laurent t-shirt, 100% silk is very comfortable and a perfect v-neck. It looks casually chic thanks to the cut and the fabric.

IMG_3471closeup IMG_3488closeup

I accessorized and completed the look with

a Zara leather tie which is here used as a belt !

a Bottega Veneta silver necklace

the clic enamel bracelet from Hermès

my favorite Versace x H&M leather-sleeved coat,

Marc by Marc Jacobs boots

Here is the whole look!

IMG_3516 IMG_3511 IMG_3505 IMG_3519 IMG_3526 IMG_3522 IMG_3561


IMG_3536 I hope you enjoyed this look !

See you soon with new looks and men’s fashion style inspirations, featuring my latest acquisitions.. If you follow my instagram account (@hb_henri_hb) you might have taken a glimpse at a crazy pair of loafers….coming soon !

Infashionably yours,



5 thoughts on “P L A I D T R O U S E R S

  1. First off, Happy Belated Birthday!! I like your posts because you showcase a side of menswear NO ONE else blogs about. The Versace x H&M coat is stunning and the way you accessorize this look with the leather tie and Hermes Clic Clac is beyond! XxMB


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