IMG_3900Dear Readers,

Exactly one week ago I turned 24  and received a new lens/objective for my camera. Here are the first pictures shot with it. An occasion to reflect on new objectives in general, style wise, and in my life.

Birthdays, like new year’s resolutions, are always a time to reflect on where you’re at in your life, and take action to move in the right direction towards reaching your goals.

My new objective is to do more of what makes me h a p p y. And of these things is exploring, developing and sharing my style, through the great creative outlet that is this blog. This is the reason why I’m no longer shy about it and recently created the facebook page for infasHionity (www.facebook.com/infasHionitycom).

Style wise, I want to keep on defining my style. Sometimes I’m scared to lack inspiration, but I always end up finding new ways to make looks work. Simplicity is often key, a good look should feel easy and cool.

That is what I wanted to express in the following look.

A look that is comfortable, yet sophisticated enough, thanks to a structured blazer and the most amazing loafers. You’re also going to see me smile in some pictures! which I don’t do often, but it expresses the state of mind that I was in thanks to this look and sunny day.

I’m also realy starting to enjoy photography and I’ve been trying to improve my skills by reading some books and watching some tutorials. I hope you can see the difference, thanks to my new lens!

IMG_3910 IMG_3895 IMG_3886



Blazer:      Margiela x H&M

Trousers: Zara

Loafers:   Jimmy Choo

Eyewear: Ray-Ban

Necklace: Bottega Veneta

IMG_3980 IMG_3952 IMG_3925 IMG_3958 IMG_3953 IMG_3962 IMG_3966IMG_3996 IMG_3994 IMG_3987I hope you enjoyed this look and thoughts.

Do you have any new objectives? Comment and let me know.

And if you don’t here’s an idea. What about heading to facebook and liking the infasHionity page? 😉

Infashionably yours,



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