Dear Readers,

This spring I’ve been heavily inspired by prints. And when I came across the following beautiful ones I had no choice but to put my hands on them and create this new spring outfit.


I’ve told you before how I believe clothes can make you feel different ways, and even travel through time and places. Strong prints are a statement and somehow make me feel like I’m traveling and escaping the (sometimes boring) reality.

This outfit is centered around this beautiful pair of trousers which come from a Limited Edition from Zara. I was thoroughly impressed when I found them in my usual Zara.The color and print really stood out from all the other pieces in the store.

I admit that I tried on a certain number of clothes before finding what I thought was the ideal outfit.

For the upper body, I found a shirt that matched the light tones of the trousers, but then I broke the color uniformity with brown leather boots, light brown leather belt and a gorgeous brown scarf with another beautiful print, perfectly fitting my spring print theme.

Discover many pictures of this new look below:

IMG_5207 IMG_5180 IMG_5168 IMG_5223 IMG_5212 IMG_5226

This outfit reminded me of the chicness of Milan citizens I witnessed when I spent some time in the city, and the time I spent in Capri last summer.

I played around with different ways of wearing the oversized scarf, sometimes “tying” it with a metallic accessory, sometimes just throwing it around my shoulders, or keeping it hanging.

IMG_5245 IMG_5287 IMG_5291 IMG_5290 IMG_5302 IMG_5305 IMG_5316 IMG_5379 IMG_5366

Another perfect accessory I added to finish off the look was this amazing pair of Vintage sunglasses, from a brand I discovered called “LESCA” . They specialize in restorating vintage models, from the 50’s-60’s. This pair is truly incredible.

I found it in an equally incredible shop in Geneva called LE LABO. (you can check out its facebook page by clicking here )

If you’re from this city or ever visit, I highly suggest that you discover the great selection available at the store. And it doesn’t hurt that the owner was very kind and provided great advice.

I found the scarf in another recently discoverd shop in Geneva called “L’ADRESSE”, which is actually a cool concept store with a restaurant and clothes shop at the same time. Check it here !

Here are a few close ups of my new favorite shades and other details from the look:

IMG_5337 IMG_5334 IMG_5331 IMG_5326 IMG_5383 IMG_5387 IMG_5390 IMG_5228 IMG_5233 IMG_5262

Here are the full outfit details:


Pants: ZARA Limited Edition

Boots and belt: Hermès


Eyewear: LESCA Lunetier


I hope you enjoyed discovering this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together and wearing it.

Infashionably yours,


all pics once again shot by my blogger friend Aesthetically  – check out new pics I shot for her on her blog!



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