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Dear Readers,

Want to make your day at the office a bit more fun ? Rock a 3 piece suit, have fun with it, feel like James Bond, just for a minute, just for fun, just because you like it.

Well that’s what I do.


For this new outfit post I wanted to incorporate a part of my life and lifestyle, which is going to an office every day for work. I’m glad to work in a place where I need to look elegant at all times but can still express my creativity and style through my clothes.

Lately I’ve been inspired to have fun with “suiting” up , doing it in a retro way, or having fun with bold prints.

This time around I decided to style this gorgeous gray 3-piece suit which has a little bit of a shiny effect. I can’t stress enough how much I think “accessories make the outfit” therefore I added this beautiful Bottega Veneta silk tie and Boss Selection dress shoes, two items showing”moiré” / watered brown tones.

To complete the “business” look I brought this “Le Tanneur” briefcase and wore my favorite Clubmaster eyewear from Ray-Ban.

The fun part of wearing a 3 piece was shooting pictures wearing either the whole ensemble, the vest only, etc..

Enough talking, time to let the pictures speak for themselves and show you the different ways I played with the suit:


IMG_5538 IMG_5546 IMG_5512 IMG_5511 IMG_5510 IMG_5540 IMG_5529 IMG_5553

IMG_5590 IMG_5596 IMG_5600 IMG_5585 IMG_5581 IMG_5579 IMG_5574

IMG_5578 IMG_5697 IMG_5662 IMG_5687 IMG_5673 IMG_5526 IMG_5594

I hope you enjoyed this business-inspired outfit !

What are your tricks and tips to make dressing for the office everyday more fun?

Comment and let me know

Infashionably yours,




L I T T L E  E X T R A:

Here are two pics I shot for Aesthetically which I really like !

Discover her new look on her blog.

IMG_5507 IMG_5501



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