Dear Readers,

Varsity Jacket, Bandana, Classic Sneakers. What do these 3 items have in common ? well, they are all street/sportswear inspired elements that are making their way into contemporary fashion. And they are all in today’s look.

Fashion likes to borrow items from different universes and as I’ve mentionned before, lately designers often seem to draw inspiration from sportswear/streetwear.

Today’s look is especially inspired by two items that have been made contemporary and “high-fashionable” by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent: the varsity jacket and the bandana (see Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 14 collection).

I was inspired to put my spin on this look and here is the result: the jacket comes from COS, which has finally opened in my city Geneva, paired with my favorite Galliano jeans, a bandana found at H&M and classic Adidas sneakers.

Here is the look:

IMG_6521 IMG_6528 IMG_6535 IMG_6702 IMG_6685 IMG_6555 IMG_6576

As you can see I tried different options with the jacket: the bandana, or a white polo shirt, with the collar on top or under the jacket. I also accessorized with my favorite Illesteva Leonard shades.

Close-ups and details:

IMG_6606 IMG_6657 IMG_6505 IMG_6637 IMG_6764 IMG_6736 IMG_6715 IMG_6716 IMG_6672


I hope you enjoyed this laid back – casual look !

Let me know and see you soon with new outfits.

InfasHionably yours,





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