Dear Readers,

Today’s look is about mixing. Mixing a smart look with a street art background, mixing a micro houndstooth pattern with a square pattern, mixing fancy dress shoes with a sober look.

One thing I’ve been enjoying a lot since starting this blog is discovering cool spots in my city to shoot looks. I’ve been able to find some really interesting backgrounds and today’s location is no exception.

Sometimes the spots I find can inspire a look, or the other way around; I occasionaly look for a certain type of environement to shoot a certain look.

Today’s look was about mixing patterns, with these micro houndstooth The Kooples pants, (part of a suit) and Gianfranco Ferre square patterned shirt. I added a touch of color with this emerald sweater in order to add contrast and break the black and white theme.

I gave the look two different feels playing with two pairs of shoes:

one is my favorite and craziest pair of studded loafers from Jimmy Choo, for a fun and sophisticated version of the look.

The other option is Hugo Boss classic lace shoes for a more conventional look.

I added a “smart” touch with the eyewear, a pair of the emblematic Clubmaster model from Ray Ban.

Discover the look and location:

IMG_7711 IMG_7769 IMG_7867 IMG_7878 IMG_7924

IMG_7955 IMG_7975 IMG_8003

Details & close-ups:

IMG_8018 IMG_7801 IMG_7907 IMG_7805 IMG_7945 IMG_7953 IMG_8025 IMG_8044 IMG_8063


I hope you enjoyed !

See you soon

InfasHionably yours,




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