Nothing like a bright orange top to lighten up a denim – inspired outfit.

Dear Readers,

Back today with a look mixing different elements of inspirations that designers have been showing in the latest seasons.

A bit of cowboy /farwest vibe with the bandana, mixed with sportswear inspired pieces. Add a touch of bright color, and a whole lot of denim .

The bright orange top I’m wearing is from COS. The color has been seen in numerous runways for spring summer 14, here are two examples, from Ferragamo and 3.1 Phillip Lim:


salvatore-ferragamo-mens-spring-summer-2014-mfw23 3-1-phillip-lim-mens-spring-summer-2014-pfw27

The jeans short I’m wearing were actually regular jeans from Zara that I’ve had for a while but I decided to cut them short to give them a new life !

Discover the pictures below (shot in an amazing secret location )

IMG_8748 IMG_8564 IMG_8575 IMG_8602 IMG_8611

IMG_8717 IMG_8722 IMG_8636 IMG_8647 IMG_8654 IMG_8680 IMG_8683 IMG_8758

Details and close-ups :

IMG_8737 IMG_8775


I hope you enjoyed this look!

What is your favorite color for this spring summer season?

Comment and let me know !

InfasHionably yours,




5 thoughts on “B R I G H T D E N I M

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