Burgundy pants. Which jacket shall I wear with them. Black? Navy blue? Both?

I opted for both, thanks to this incredible Maison Martin Margiela (for H&M).

Say what you want about H&M designers’ collaborations, I personnaly think that most of them are great and I’ve been able to get some great key pieces.

Like today’s “Fusion of Two Jackets” by Margiela, a House well known for deconstructing – recreating all traditional elements of clothing such as a jacket.

I was totally fascinated by this piece when I found it. If the idea of merging two different blazers, with different colors – fabrics – finishing – sounds crazy, it is perfectly executed and looks amazing.

I paired it with these burgundy pants, definitely one of my favorite colors.

Once more accessories make the look.

I found this gorgeous vintage Christian Dior tie in my father’s closet and…was lucky enough to keep it ! (thanks Dad).

Discover the look:

IMG_4018 IMG_4035 IMG_4051 IMG_4025

IMG_4111 IMG_4082 IMG_4068 IMG_4105 IMG_4095 IMG_4087

I hope you enjoyed!

InfasHionably yours,



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