Switch from work to after work mode. Take off your blazer, roll up your trousers and put on a mesh cardigan.

Dear readers,

Don’t we all love that moment during summer when we get out of the office and go for a drink, a walk, or any kind of relaxing activity.

It is that moment and feeling that inspired today’s look. A formal yet relaxed look.

A classic white shirt with brown lines contrasting with this beautiful Bottega Veneta tie.

Rolled up trousers from ZARA revealing a beautiful pair of Prada monkstrap spazzolato loafers

And finally, a brown mesh cardigan from Diesel for an interesting twist on the look.

and there you go:

IMG_4457 IMG_4462 IMG_4450 IMG_4469 IMG_4454IMG_4505 IMG_4502 IMG_4496 IMG_4480IMG_4462 IMG_4469 IMG_4477 IMG_4516 IMG_4496 IMG_4484

Find a similar pair of Prada’s here .

I hope you get inspired by this look!

How do you make your work outfits more fun?

Comment and let me know!

InfasHionably yours,






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