Single or double breasted? Flap or patched pockets? What kind of lapel?

Would you like to be able to choose all these options and create your dream suit? at an affordable cost?

You can, with tailor4less – read all about it below.

Dear readers,

I’m very happy to talk to you today about my collaboration with tailor4less .

“We believe that everyone should have the possiblity to create their own style”.

It is with these words that TAILOR4LESS – an “online bespoke company” approached me and talked me into a collaboration.

I absolutely share that belief, it is what I try to express with every post on INFASHIONITY.

I was therefore immediately interested and curious to discover how I could create my own clothes and in that case a suit.

It is very simple: once you head to their website, there is a 3d configurator which allows you to visualize all the options you choose for your suit, from the fit to the number of pockets.. there are a lot of little details that you can play with, even adding your initials on the inside of the jacket.

I decided to go for a navy blue cotton suit, a basic every man needs to have in his closet. But of course, as you know me, I didn’t want to make it too basic and added some fun details, such as peak lapel, double breasted jacket, and a pink satin jacket lining.

Once you finalize your order you can either insert you own measures or use pre calculated measurements based on your height, weight and body shape.

I went for inserting my own measurements. I did make a mistake on the pants size.

It’s good to know that if that happens, you have a few days to send your order back and tailor4less will make the piece again !

I was very excited when I received my suit. It was great to have a look at all the details I had personally chosen.

If you like to be creative and in control of what you wear, I highly recommend tailor4less! But be careful..it gets addictive! You might want to get all of your clothes tailor4less-ly made 😉

Let’s have a look at the outfit I created with my tailor4less suit.

I paired it with:

– an H&M printed shirt

Tod’s loafers

Hermès Belt

– Massimo Dutti pocketsquare

Discover many pics of the look below!

IMG_4750 IMG_4718 IMG_4555 IMG_4579 IMG_4595IMG_4607 IMG_4614 IMG_4635 IMG_4679IMG_4692  IMG_4698 IMG_4687 IMG_4684





I hope you enjoyed discovering tailor4less and today’s look!

Did you know about  tailor4less? What do think about creating you own clothes? Comment and let me know!

InfasHionably yours,



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