Let’s go for a trendy ride around the city

Dear readers,

Have I ever told you that my office is located a few steps away from a Zara store?

What is great about Zara (well, great for my closet, bad for my wallet) is that they bring in brand new clothes almost every other day ! Which means, new temptations every other day! (I told you, baaad for my wallet!).

After a huge sale season new pieces have finally arrived at the store.

Today’s look is baed on two new pieces I got:

– these burgundy slim fit jeans

– this white shirt with what looks like paint stripes. I immediately loved it. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a hit so go get it before everyone else is wearing it !

To upgrade the pretty casual look, I threw in a key piece that every one should own: a well-cut black blazer. And I admit I was lacking one until I finally got this KENZO blazer. It is such an important piece to have in one’s closet! so versatile, helps you in the morning when you’re late and don’t know what to wear, or if you want to make a casual look stand out.

My favorite Common Projects low sneakers were perfect to match the t shirt.  (get them here)

Here is the modern urban look, shot next to a cool vintage Porsche !

IMG_5176 IMG_5170 IMG_5281 IMG_5215

Details and close-ups on the t shirt:

IMG_5251 IMG_5264 IMG_5284 IMG_5246 IMG_5241

And that is it for today’s casual chic look!

I hope you get inspired.

What is a key piece in your closet? Comment and let me know!

InfasHionably yours,



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