INFASHIONITY is back with new outfit posts ! And we’re starting with a big bright electric blue look to brighten your day !

Dear Readers,

As much as I love fall winter fashion, as you can see in the last post, I’m still not completely ready to get over summer.

Which inspipred a flashy new outfit.

You can find similar electric blue trousers here. The ones I’m wearing are from H&M and part of a suit.

The second inspiration was “back to school”, hence the nerdy glasses situation. To carry my folders, what best than a graphic Neil Barrett modernist briefcase ?


I’ve been wearing my Common Projects sneakers all summer and I love how versatile they are. You can combine them with all sorts of looks, dress them down, dress them up. Not even partying on the beach in Barcelona was able to ruin them, they are really a quality pair¬†and worth the investment.

Enjoy theses new pictures !

IMG_5647 IMG_5650 IMG_5658 IMG_5689



IMG_5761 IMG_5781 IMG_5786 IMG_5726

IMG_5713 IMG_5775 IMG_5780

IMG_5823 IMG_5822

I hope you liked this new post. Lot more new looks coming up !

InfasHionably yours,



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