The week has just started. But aren’t you dreaming and planning your next escapade ?

Find some style inspiration for it with today’s new INFASHIONITY outfit.

Dear Readers,

As a new week starts, and everyone is either going back to work/school/university.. you name it, I’m offering you to escape for a few minutes and dream about planning your next week end trip.

Traveling is always an adventure, even when it’s only for a few days. I find it very exciting to be able to leave your hometown just for a week end, wheter it’s to go the countryside, the mountain or to another city or country. One of the advantages is not having to pack much. Therefore all you need is a perfect week end bag, a key piece of today’s look.

The bag I’m wearing today is simply from H&M and I think it provides a very good price – quality – style – ratio and totally matches the rest of the outfit. Here is also a link to a beautiful MISMO week end bag on sale! 

The look is about warm tones as we’re slowly approching fall.

I paired these zara burgundy jeans (similar here) with a brown cotton quilted vest, also by Zara, from a few years ago. The print on the white shirt echoes the color of the trousers while these Hermès leather boots and Hermès belt (find the same buckle I’m wearing here) match the vest.

I completed the look with these round-framed Ray-ban sunnies with a leather contour. 

Ready to escape for a short trip… discover the look below:






IMG_6375 IMG_6368 IMG_6388




Close ups and details:


IMG_6438 IMG_6431 IMG_6429 IMG_6456


Ray Ban Round Craft 


IMG_6537 IMG_6535 IMG_6533 IMG_6530 IMG_6451


IMG_6469 IMG_6478 IMG_6488 IMG_6528 IMG_6441


I hope you enjoyed this new outfit!

InfasHionably yours,





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