A moment out of time. A breath of romantic air.




Dear Readers,

It’s amazing how much influence traveling can have.

I spent one day in Milan a few days ago. Only one day and yet it has inspired today’s new look.

Perhaps it is passing by Via Gesu and the Versace mansion, but I felt drawn to this ZARA shirt from a few seaons ago, which imitates the classic Versace printed silk shirts.

I found a pretty similar original Gianni Versace ones by going  hunt on the web:



Vintage Ginani Versace shirt – found on the web

Some websites offer a selection of vintage pieces, click here

IMG_6925 IMG_6781 IMG_6771


I paired this shirt with navy blue Paul&Joe trousers with a nice contrasting band around the waist. Finally I accessorized the look with Versace Collection loafers .

IMG_6909 IMG_6883 IMG_6915 IMG_6740

I was then ready in the mood for a walk around the old town.

IMG_6930 IMG_6858 IMG_6869 IMG_6875 IMG_6848



Magic happened…



I hope you enjoyed today’s romantic escapade.

More looks coming soon..

Have a magical day !

InfasHionably yours,


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