Style and Nature. Fashion and recycling.

Do you think it can go together ?

Well some brands certainly do. Such as WOODZEE, a very interesting eyewear brand I’m happy to present to you today on INFASHIONITY.

Dear Readers,

A new topic I’ve never discussed so far on infasHionity is ecology, sustainability and recycling. We are mentionning it today since I’ve been introduced to WOODZEE, an eyewear company based in California.

Let me explain their concept in a few words. The idea is to “promote a healthy relationship between humankind and nature, by constructing beautiful pieces created from natural renewable resources” as explained on the company’s website.

Basically, WOODZEE crafts sunglasses made out of wood, as opposed to plastic, because it is a renwable source. But at the same time, since they’re using wood to make their glasses, they engage in planting a tree for every pair that is sold. They are indeed involved in various tree planting programs around the globe. You can read about it here.

“planting new trees allows us to give back what we take to create Woodzee products.” – WOODZEE




One can wonder, do  sunglasses made out of wood really look good ?

Well, I went on their website and discovered the variety of styles offered.

I picked my favorite: the Cardiff Bamboo Black Sunglasses – Smoke, a graphic model made ouf of bamboo with a very nice dark “kaki” color (perfect, my favorite color this season) 

My package came in a few days later with a very nice handwritten note. I was excited to try on this interesting product!



I admit, it was at first a strange feeling. The glasses are very light !

But after a few seconds they felt great, and looked really stylish!


It was time to create a look around my new sunglasses:

IMG_7022 IMG_6972 IMG_7072


The inspiration for the look came very naturally: I wanted to shoot in a natural environment, surrounded by trees.

I wore my new The Kooples Kaki pants, to match the tone of the bamboo glasses.

The CARDIFF model is very graphic, wich inspired me to wear this black faux leather ZARA sweatshirt. (which, by the way, looks VERY inspired by the Neil Barrett fall winter 13 sweater below… Hum…)


Finally, I wore the look with Adidas sneakers, a backpack, and a faux-leather cap both also from ZARA, giving out an out-of-school vibe.

IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7088

WOODZEE Eyewear  – Cardiff Bamboo Black Sunglasses – Smoke



IMG_6975 IMG_7011 IMG_7081 IMG_6969

I hope you enjoyed discovering this new brand today on INFASHIONITY !

I personnaly thing a brand like WOODZEE is a great initiative. Nature offers us great materials to create incredible fashion pieces with, and if we can in a way give back to earth what it provides, then we come full circle.

See you soon with more looks and discoveries!

InfasHionably yours,


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