A lightning bolt is striking today on INFASHIONITY !

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Back today on INFASHIONITY with an exciting outfit !

For a few seasons now, my favorite designer Neil Barrett has been developing signature sweaters that you have probably noticed in some of my previous looks.  Modern, structured, colorblocking, they had so far never featured any particular motifs or symbols.

I was therefore quite suprised when I discovered the autumn winter 14 collection, which featured a serie of pieces with a lightning bolt motif. It is interesting to see how the designer plays with this symbol’s shape, sometimes oversizing it or displaying it with a 3D effect, or using it to create some kind of optical illusion effect.


Neil Barrett – 3D Lightning Bolt shirt 




Neil Barrett Lightning Bolt sweatshirt 

img (1)

Neil Barret AW14 Lightning Bolt Jacket 


img (2)


Neil Barrett AW14 Lightning bolt Sweater



I was lucky to put my hands on one of the key sweaters of the collection. The sweater can be worn on top of a (white) shirt, as shown on the runway debut of the collection:

Neil Barrett Autumn Winter 14 runway

Or without anything under, as shown on the advertising campaign:

Neil-Barrett-Autumn-Winter-2014-Matthew-Stone-01 Neil-Barrett-FW14-Campaign_04


I decided to recreate the two versions of the look, with and without the white shirt.

I paired the incredible sweater with navy blue Ferragamo trousers  and Common Projects sneakers.

Discover many pictures of the look:

IMG_7593 IMG_7609 IMG_7676 IMG_7688

Neil Barrett sweaters are the perfect garments to give instant style and allure to a simple outfit.




IMG_7727 IMG_7730

Wearing this sweater litteraly made me feel e l e c t r i c :

IMG_7860 IMG_7868 IMG_7852 IMG_7835 IMG_7832 IMG_7846


Justin Timberlake wore a Neil Barret Lightning Bolt shirt and other pieces from the collection on his latest 20/20 tour !

IMG_7990 IMG_7974 IMG_7947 IMG_7968


IMG_7747 IMG_7791

I hope you enjoyed this striking new outfit post !

InfasHionably yours,



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