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Put on your biker jacket and your mirrored shades, it’s 2015 everyone !

Dear readers,

I’m very excited about today’s look.

Have you ever had a major crush on a piece of clothing? I mean, major. There are clothes you want, clothes you like, clothes you enjoy for a while. But then there are pieces that give you butterflies in your stomach. Aren’t there? Is it just me?

Anways, it happened with the insanely gorgeous biker jacket I’m wearing today.

It first came into my life when I watched the video for the GIVENCHY men’s ready-to-wear autumn winter 13 runway show.


I was quite impressed by the strong collection and noticed a few key pieces, such as these metallic shoes:


And then I noticed this look:


“Damn, what a jacket!” was exactly what I screamed at my computer while watching. I immediately went online to check the look-by-look pictures of the show and was totally amazed by this jacket. I then tried it on for the first time during a short week-end to Paris at a Givenchy store


yes, this is my “this-jacket-is-so-amazing-but-i-can-so-not-afford-it-right-now” face.

But a few months ago, the jacket came back into my life since a friend of mine found it again. And this time I was ready to invest in it and got it.


I can’t quite explain the feeling when I was reunited with this beautiful piece of clothing. It may sound very materialistic, but I wish I could make you try it on to feel the same way I do. Indeed I always repeat that feeling good in your clothes is the best way to feel confident, and this jacket makes me feel like I’m on top on the world and can do anything! It is like an armour. A very stylish one.


The fabric is  tweed with a lacquered finish. I love all the details: the leather patches, the double zip at the front, the zips on the back of the sleeves, the way it is cut longer at the back than at the front. It really fits the body perfectly.


IMG_9563 IMG_9551 IMG_9564

Speaking of investing in designer pieces, I recently got myself a little self-christmas present. Since 2014, one accessory has been intriguing me a lot. I usually don’t like it when something suddenly becomes the new it-piece or must-have item, however I admit I’ve fallen for these.

tumblr_ng0etnSsAQ1td2jmjo1_500 tmp513781216445464577 rihsoreal kristina.bazan_.kayture.cavalli021 dior-so-real-4

The Dior SoReal sunglasses. They’ve been worn by many celebrities, bloggers, etc. The first time I saw them was on this picture of Kristina Bazan from and I remember thinking how interesting they looked. The combination of their shape, fabric, and contrasted lenses make them quite iconic and desirable. Congrats to Dior design studios, you can tell there’s been some research.


Dior So Real sunglasses – find them here 

I hesitated a lot with the all black model, that you can find here 


The location for this shoot was a little bit inspired by the new Givenchy spring summer 15 ad campaign


IMG_9592 IMG_9623

IMG_9624 IMG_9643

While wearing two statement pieces, jacket and sunglasses, it was important to keep the rest of the outfit simple. That’s why I wore a cotton grey sweatshirt, black jeans and pure white Common Projects sneakers.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures:

IMG_9687 IMG_9678 IMG_9688 IMG_9681 IMG_9671 IMG_9675

Dior So Real sunglasses

IMG_9696 IMG_9699

I hope you enjoyed this new post!

Are there any pieces, designer or not, that you’re dreaming of ? What are they? Comment and let me know !

InfasHionably yours,


ps:  I had a little photoshop fun.. what do you think about this additional ad campaign visual ? 😉

IMG_9713biss - Copie

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