After London Collection: Men, INFASHIONITY packed a suitcase again for a quick trip to the italian capital of fashion: Milan. But the special show I had the chance to attend was from a brand whose origins are from Florence.. Discover a new look and my review of the Salvatore Ferragamo FW 15-16 show.

My first time attending a runway show was exactly a year ago, when I attended the Les Hommes show in Milan. It is always a very exciting occasion and a moment when a brand or designer can truly express their vision. This season I’ve also learned to enjoy showroom presentations and will talk about the one I attended in Milan in a following article. But first let’s discover what striked me from the Ferragamo collection.


Ferragamo Fall-winter 15-16

« Tactile elegance » – the mysterious journey of an elegant adventurous man through an enchanted fall forest.

As soon as one sat inside Palazzo Mezzanotte where the show was taking place, the mood was set.

Digital walls showcased moving bushes and trees, from which birds suddenly flew away. These very birds were actually flying away to become prints on some of the collection’s coats.

Melancolic piano-driven music was already playing.



This poetic and mysterious atmosphere made me feel goosebumps as soon as the show commenced.

Big Scarves

A grand entrance was made by the first look and model thanks to a big, big scarf. Oversized knitted scarves were one of the first key element that stood out.



photo credit:


Color Palette

Described as “woody and nocturnal”, the color palette was very autumnal, reminding me at times of falling leaves, thanks to shades of deep red, olive green, camel and beige.

IMG_0203 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw8

IMG_0193 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw34

When used, the color grey was associated with lighter grey shades, or put next to an intense blue, when not decorated with figurative birds or animals.

salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw22 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw16 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw9



The collection definitely showed the House’s mastery of working with fabrics: woven, knit, and leather as well as precise tailoring. Pants were relaxed but still neatly cut while jackets were often double-breasted.

IMG_0198 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw35 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw13 salvatore-ferragamo-mens-autumn-fall-winter-2015-mfw29


Overall the collection was a sensual experience, as each look showcased layering, each layer having its own fabric. It is this fabric contrast accentuated by deep colors and intricate prints or embroidery that gave the collection all its romance and sophistication.




My outfit for that day was also about contrast as I paired two colors together, kaki and grey. While perhaps an unsual combination, I think it works great and helped me to look chic in order to attend the prestigious brand’s show.

IMG_0244 IMG_0230 IMG_1603 IMG_1606


IMG_0119 IMG_0276


Outfit details:

Jacket and trousers – The Kooples

Shirt – Boggi

Tie – Vintage YSL

Shoes – J.Lindeberg

Sunglasses – Dior So Real




Another thing I’ve discovered this season is that fashion brings people together and I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people very easily as well as connecting in “real life” with people I only knew from the virtual world.



Meeting Dejon Marquis, LA based stylist, after the Ferragamo show




Model Adrian Sahores after the Ferragamo show


I hope you enjoyed this new show review and experience in Milan.

InfasHionably yours,


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  1. Beautiful description !
    Congratulions and many thanks to let us share with you the beauty of the elegant creation of S .Ferragamo .

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