INFASHIONITY had the great honor to meet and collaborate with Atelier Gustavolins.

Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins has been based in Paris for over 10 years. After working for household french designers such as John Galliano or Jean-Paul Gaultier, he launched his own eponymous house in 2004. His background in architecture gives him a singular approach to design. This unique style has earned him the official “Couture” label.

Let’s dive inside a world of lines, curves volume and art.


Dear readers,

It is always a rare moment when you ecounter a designer’s work that personifies your ideal vision of style.


This is how Gustavo Lins fall winter 14 menswear collection is described. It echoes the way I like to describe my personal style, which switches from urban graphic minimalism to what I call “modern dandyism”.

As it so happens, the brand’s current CEO, a former marketing executive in the cosmetics industry who decided to invest in the brand after discovering Lins’ work, has been following my blog for a year and also thought that there was a style match.



I had the chance to visit the brand’s showroom located on 5, Rue Barbette in Paris.


img8947 img8943



After a quick tour of the minimally and purely decorated space, I quickly understood a few codes from Gustavo Lins’s desigining style.

His clothes tell a story of volume, lines and curves. Gustavo Lins studied architecture and it shows. It starts from the way he makes the clothes. He actually works directly on mannequins to create the shape of the garment in 3D



Seaming signatures

The designer incorporates a signature spiral seam on most garments, which gives a fluid and curvy design. Its purpose is also to free movement, as it liberates every articulation on the body, whether knees or elbows.

Another signature is the House’s inverted T logo, which actually serves as a sewing point to maintain the garment close to the body.




Structured volume 

A lot of pieces such as coats are made in big volumes, but this volume is always controlled thanks to special cutting and sewing techniques.

Clothes are often draped around the body, only revealing  their shape once they are worn. IMG_0333



Gustavo Lins thinks about his pieces as a house you live in, inside which you have to be able to move and evolve.

A simple idea, turned into garments that exude allure and style without forcing it.




Artistic prints 

Gustavo Lins’s own abstract paintings are used to become prints on his garments.

IMG_1931 IMG_1896 IMG_0335




Atelier Gustavolins offered me the amazing opportunity to select an outfit that I would wear to attend their Couture show in Paris. How thrilling !

img8932 img8944 IMG_0342 IMG_0343


Imagine myself in designer paradise having to pick my favorite ouftit. Hard task right?

img9003 img8962 img8990 img8979


Here is the look I decided to wear.

A white shirt with a large open collar, underneath a slightly oversized black cardigan, maintained by a leather belt. (you know how much I enjoy leather details). The trousers could be called “couture jeans”, as they are a pair of structured baggy jeans.

The whole silhouettes is fluid, minimal, and effortless. Shot just outside the showroom in a parisian street, the look gives off a contemporary romantic vibe.



IMG_0347 IMG_0352 img9133





Here is the end of the first part of this article about Atelier Gustavolins.

In the second part, I will invite you to relive my experience attending the Couture show and talk about the collection.

I would like to give special thanks to the house of Atelier Gustavolins, and especially to Olivier Ceccarelli and Roudy Marcel Lemaire.

Enjoy a few more pictures of my visit and the clothes I tried on:

img9235 img9172 img9221 img9196 IMG_0350 img9045 img8941

InfasHionably yours,






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