The FENDI spring summer 2016 show was a story of contrast.

Urban and masculine, what could seem like a casual and neutral collection was in fact filled with intricate details and some bold moves.

Imagine driving on a long straight road. And suddenly, a huge turn.

This is what the FENDI collection felt like. Easy-going  style interrupted by some key impactful looks.

Most looks were relaxed and de-structured, featuring large pants and tops, in a neutral color palette (a lot of black looks, but in light fabrics). Look closely and you’ll find out that the large black t-shirt actually has a metallic reflection.


picture courtesy of Style.com

Another set of luxury sportswear looks, and suddenly you’re blinded by a luminous yellow leather coat taking center stage. The leather, in all colors, is very light and almost “liquid”.

You start realizing that this road is not as straight, but full of interesting little bumps to spice up your journey. Like the studs on a stunning leather jacket (a personal favorite). It’s aspect and texture  is like one of a climbing wall.


Model Adrian Sahores in an olive green leather jacket and matching metallic shirt

Model Adrian Sahores in an olive green leather jacket and matching metallic shirt


Sophisticated touches keep on coming from fabrics or color. Leather is very light, python tailored jackets remind you of FENDI’s luxe craftsmanship.

With his leather visor on, the FENDI man exudes sporty-chic nonchalance.

IMG_5995 IMG_5959 IMG_5990

The mix of simplicity and eccentric touches gave off an experimental vibe to the collection.

I hope you enjoyed this new collection review.

InfasHionably yours,


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