Monochromatic, minimal look.

An INFASHIONITY classic, presenting a street look adorned by a new hi-top sneaker, the Adidas Tubular.

Shooting new outfits is always a new adventure. Reinventing myself with every look, I delve into a fantasy world, fueled by my very own feelings and creativity.

Imagine a very intense cloudy day. The sky was as grey as my outfit, and it didn’t take long before the shoot was interrupted by a storm and pouring rain.

Taking a look back at these pictures, I can still feel the tension and apocalyptic mood of that scene. Like if I was lost on the set of the “I am Legend” movie, in this street casual “destroyed” look.


Still, a sense of freedom and energy emerges from these pictures. This all grey H&M urban outfit was well completed by a new pair of dynamic, stylish and futuristic-looking sneakers, the Adidas Tubular. So comfortable it feels like walking on air. Walking freely in this oversized t-shirt.

IMG_7699 IMG_7659 IMG_7706 IMG_7673 IMG_7718


Oversized t shirt, destroyed skinny jeans , H&M

Adidas Tubular Sneakers

I hope you enjoyed this new look.

InfasHionably yours,


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