“It’s the perfect way.. to end a perfect day “

Dear readers,

Happy to be back, full of inspiration, with new content, and for the first time, the above video, that I shot and edited completely by myself !

Inspiration.. can come from many places. In this post’s case, I was completely inspired by a movie I recently watched entitled “By The Sea”. Starring Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie-Pitt who also directed and produced the picture, it tells the melancholic story of a dysfonctional and broken married couple who’s struggling to bond again and find their initial love. Even though slammed by critics as a vanity and uninteresting project, I absolutely loved the film. The nostalgia, the visuals, the aesthetic, the performances (the film also casts french actress Melanie Laurent) and also, the MUSIC.

I was already hooked on the movie when I first watched its trailer, which features the song “Perfect Day” by Harry Nilsson.

Watch it below:

The film also features other great tracks from different genres, such as a Chopin Prélude and its modern version in the song “Jane B” by Jane Birkin.

As I’m based in Geneva, Switzerland, my version of By The Sea became.. By The Lake.

This Christmas in Europe feels very unnatural as the usual snow is replaced by sunshine! I was therefore able to shoot this look and short film watching the sun plunging into the water.

About the look: an all black outfit centered around one key piece. This Sandro jacket was an instant crush and a strong piece to give a simple outfit that special touch, accentuated by my favorite mirrored Dior So Real shades.

IMG_9606 IMG_9577 IMG_9561 IMG_9667 IMG_9668 IMG_9677 IMG_9556 IMG_9492 IMG_9574 IMG_9519 IMG_9692 IMG_9687


Jacket: Sandro Paris

T Shirt: Sandro Paris

Jeans: Diesel Jogg Jeans

Boots: J.Lindeberg

Eyewear: Dior So Real


I hope you enjoyed this new look and the video !

InfasHionably yours,


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