“The Versace man is not ordinary” says Versace to describe their ss19 collection.

Discover the looks and inspiration behind it, with runway pictures courtesy of Versace as well as some of my own I was able to take while attending a re-see of the collection.



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First words coming to mind when thinking about the iconic italian fashion household?

Baroque prints, flamboyance, more is more, sexy, lifestyle.

For her ss19 menswear collection, Donatella Versace remained faithful to house codes but mixed them up to create a very versatile wardrobe. Indeed, she says she was inspired but “different kinds of men: the stree-style star, the high fashion men, the boardroom executive” with the mission to be able to please each of them with some of her pieces.

Pieces are layered, mixing formal tailored jackets with t-shirts and baggy jeans.

This layering creates the tension between the Versace man’s masculinity and hismore delicate side, like when a sheer shirt is worn on top of a t-shirt.

versace ss19 sheer shirt newspaper t hirt menswar versace ss19 look



“The Versace man is looked at, always turning heads”.

A boardroom executive coming in for a meeting in a neon suit would definitely achieve this goal!


versace showroom milan ss19 neon suit

versace ss19 fuschia suit menswear

The collection doesn’t shy away from bold choices: neon suits, flowers in very vivid colors printed on black background, crystal-like embroidery on sleeveless knit tops, or a total python look.

versace ss 19 flower print sweater menswear milan fashion week


versace ss19 menswear sleaveless knit embroidery

versace ss19 embroidered knit top

vesace ss19 menswear python look

It’s Versace, not Versaceeee

Not afraid to make fun of herself or the House, Donatella gives a playful nod to tabloid culture with newspaper headline t-shirts or bags, playing on the House’s mythology ( “the secret is out”) of the infamous funny video of Donatella explaining how to pronounce Versace (you’ve been saying it wrong!)

versace newspaper tshirt ss19 menswear


versace pinstripe jacket t shirt logo menswear ss19

versace saying it wrong bag ss19 menswear

True to the spirit of mixing the streetwear with tailoring, such t-shirts are tucked under long pinstripe jackets.

versace ss19 suit chain reaction sneakers layering menwear

Some classic pieces were given a modern twist, such as a plastic transparent black trenchcoat.

versace menswear ss19 black white looks versace plastic trenchcoat ss19 menswear

versace ss19 menswear trench coat plastic black menswear


It’s not a Versace show without a touch of glamor. Though she was showing a men’s collection, Donatella couldn’t help but bringing out a touch of girl power in the form of two of the biggest young generation top models, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, walking down the runway in sexy and powerful looks.

Bella Hadid


Kendall Jenner

versace ss19 kendall jenner look close up


To sum up

Color palette: neon colors, tan, all white, all black, light grey, denim

Styling: layering, formal mixed with casual


Versace may not be for everyone, but Donatella Versace delivered a collection that she felt excited about, on brand and in synch with today’s world.

She knows her codes and her style but also knows her client.If you shop at Versace you know why and you will find what you’re looking for.

The collection felt fresh and light, just like the show’s set design, with dozens of flowers suspended from the ceiling.


versace ss19 show location via gesu milan fashion week

SeeĀ  some highlights from the show:

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