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A modern vision brought to life. Men’s fashion blog INFASHIONITY presents a new sporty chic edgy look featuring the new Dior Black Tie 247s sunglasses.

Dear readers,


I’m very excited to share this article and new series of photos with you, for many reasons.

First of all, I fell in love with this outfit as soon as I picked it up on the racks at my local The Kooples store.

The navy blue light wool trousers may like formal suit trousers at first, however the contrasting bands on the sides and elasticated waist give them a modern edge and a sporty feel despite their perfect traditional cut.

It felt natural to pair them with a white t-shirt to make the side bands pop out, but not a simple white tee. This The Kooples t shirt features an integrated and removable chain with a skull pendant (which I actually removed to only keep the chain). The integrated chain gives this basic piece its edge.

To complete the look, I wore simple low top white Common Projects sneakers to keep a sporty yet elegant minimal feel, and last but not least added an edgy touch with these futuristic Dior Homme “Black Tie” Sunglasses with flat silver-tone mirrored lenses.

It had been a while since I’d had a real crush on Dior sunglasses but with this new model I found the edge and futuristic clean design I had loved when the Dior So Real sunglasses came out a couple years ago.

the kooples trousers contrasting bands elastic waist white t shirt common projects dior homme black tie sunglasses 2018

I’m also very excited to share this post because of how these photos turned out.

Indeed, as soon as I had decided how I wanted to style this look, I immediately envisionned the mood, location and atmoshphere I wanted to create and translate into photos.

Because of the look’s minimalism, graphic lines, and modernity, I thought architecture would be important. I found the perfect location which is a high school in Geneva called Cycle de Montbrillant. The early 2000s building features straight sharp lines, simple construction, glass ceiling and stairs. The atmoshphere is urban and quite cold, which perfectly matched my mood.

The great photos taken on this location were the result of a collaboration with a friend and amateur photographer. As you may know, I usually shoot most of my pictures myself. However in this case and with the specific shoot intentions I had in mind, I thought of calling for a little help, especially since my friend Marc has an eye for architectural details. Check his photos on his instagram.

It was also a very different experience for me to only be the “model” and not the photographer at the same time. It allowed me to focus more on attitudes, relax and focus on the character I had in mind.

infashionity men's fashion blog dior black tie sunglasses the kooples modern edgy look infashionity menswear fashion blog henri balit photography modern streetwear stairs sneakers  infashionity fashion blog henri balit the kooples trousers streetwear look dior black tie sunglasses 2018 common projects streetwear outfit fashion blog trousers side bands fashion photography shadow play stairs graphic urban architecture fashion men fashion photography shadow stairs men's fashion streetwear modern urban


We started shooting quite early in the morning but it was worth the effort as we benefited from exceptional light creating very cool graphic shadow lines on the walls.

Even though I’m showing very serious face expressions on the images, I assure you I was smiling very hard looking at the shots in between takes as my vision was perfectly coming to life! Seeing everything rom the styling to the location and the shots perfectly coming together is an amazing feeling. Especially since I’m not that used to trusting someone else’s eye with the pictures I was very releaved to see that my friend perfectly understood what I was aiming for.

I had worked on collecting images to create a moodboard prior to the shoot. I pulled images from fashion editorials, previous Dior Eyewear campaigns and Lacoste ad campaign. You can see it below to better understand what I was going for.

Think urban adventure, graphic minimalism, architectural vibes, straight lines, shadows.

I think we achieved it pretty well don’t you think?

louis vuitton stairs editorial lacoste ad campaign lacoste ad campaign visual  baptiste giabiconi dior eyewear campaign

 asap rocky dior homme eyewear campaign


cycle montbrillant geneve fashion blogger the kooples stairs shadow dior black tie 247 s sunglasses fashion blogger eyewear 2018

dior black tie 247 s sunglasses fashion blogger eyewear 2018


OUTFIT DETAILS (click for shoppable links)

Dior Black Tie 247 s sunglasses

Low top white Common Projects sneakers

The Kooples Trousers

The Kooples white t-shirt with integrated removable chain


We’ve reached the end of this urban adventure.

Let me know your thought on the pictures and the look in the comments below!

Special thanks again to Marc for the great collaboration.


I also take the opportunity to introduce you to my new instagram account, @henribalit.

Indeed, I’ve decided to split my content into 2 accounts.

On @infashionity__ you will now find men’s fashion content in general (inspirational pictures, news, product reviews, etc) whereas @henribalit will be dedicated to my personal style and pictures.


Hope you enjoy!

InfasHionably yours,


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