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Welcome to my creative outlet.

Whether you know me from my instagram account (@infashionity__) or just stumbled upon this site, I’m very happy to welcome you aboard.

French, based in Switzerland, I’m a young man who’s developed a growing interest in men’s fashion and styling. I’ve always enjoyed creating looks, using clothes to express myself but have never had an opportunity to share them. With the rise of Instagram, I found a platform where I could finally give a longer life to the looks I liked to create and share them. And that’s the story of how I began shooting, myself, my own looks. My daily or weekly « rendez-vous » with the camera became my outlet, my way of expressing my mood and feelings through different styles and looks. An interest for photography has naturally resulted from working on INFASHIONITY. 90% of the pictures you see on INFASHIONITY are self-shot.

My long-term ambition is to transform INFASHIONITY into a menswear platform, with editorial content as well as news about men’s fashion in general.

infasHionity – the name of the blog is pretty obviously a mix between the words « fashion » and « infinity ». I thought the paradox was interesting, as being « in fashion » is something temporary by essence, but at the same time I believe great fashion and great designers can last forever, and even be part of a culture and its history.

The capital H is representative of the first letter of my name.

I hope you enjoy and get inspired by what you see and read.

InfasHionably yours,



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  1. Witty written and love the way how you describe all the Details and tell a Story than simply showing great Pictures.

    Great Blog!

  2. I really like your style and your blog that is why i nominated you for the liebster award. Please respond to the nomination by commenting on the post on windycitywardrobe.com

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